Single Parts :
Material & Finishes :

M. O. C. :
a. Cable Gland is manufactured in Brass(Standard).
b. Alternative material - Stainless Steel / Aluminium.

Sealing Ring : Natural Rubber

Thread :
a. Glands are supplied with B.S.C. Thread (ET) as Standard.
b. Alternetive thread forms available are - NPT / PG / BSP / MM etc.

Finish :
a. Nickel Plated (Standard).
b. Alternetive Plating - Tin / Cadmium / Chrome.

Protection Class : IP 66(IEC 60529).
Ref. Standard : IS:12063

Specifications :

Gland consist of 1. Check Nut, 2. Gland Body, 3. Metal Washer(3 Nos.), 4. Outer Seal Rubber Ring, 5. Compression Nut, All Metal Parts are made of Brass accurately machined for ease of assembly (Except item 3).

Accessories :

Shrouds and Earth tags are supplied separately and should be spacified when ordering the gland.

Fitting Sequence :
  • Screw item 2 into apparatus (secure with item 1 if plain hole entry.
  • Pass item 5, item 3 and item 4 over cable before commencing to strip over sheath
  • Remove the outer sheath to the desired length depending on the length of leads required.
  • Pass item 3 over the cable and splay out the armour wire one by one and then cut the armour wire according to the size of washer. Insert the third metal washer over inner sheath of cable so that bend armour are secured between the two metal washers.
  • Push the cable through item 2 and engage the item 5 with item 2 and tighted up while doing, so the grooved ruber ring will contract in radial direction and will grip the outer sheath of cable.