Technical Data:

Type :- E1W
Standard :- BS 6121 : Part 1/BS EN 50262
Application :- Brass Indoor & Outdoor cable gland for use with all type Single Wire Armoured (SWA) cable. Providing environmental seal in the cable outer sheath. The gland also provides mechanical cable retention and electrical continuity via armour wire termination.
Ingress Protection :- IP66 EN 60529 : 2001
Material :- Brass BS 2874, CZ121
Finish :- Brass or Nickel Plated
Seal Material :- Thermoplastic Elastomer
Cable Type :- Steel wire armoure
Armour Clamping :- Three part armour with Lock Nut
Sealing Technique :- Compression type & Displacement type
Sealing Area(s) :- Inner & Outer sheath