• Power Plant

    Our Products are used in installation of all kind of Power Plant.

  • Marine Industries

    Marine Glands are Designed for Shipping Ind., Offshore Mining & Drilling Settings or other Marine Applications.

  • Railway Industries

    Glands are designed for use in Railway Industries and Associated Installations.

  • Refinery

    Industrial Glands are used in Hazardous Environmental Conditions.

  • Power Transmission

    Power and utility glands are designed for use in Power Transmission, Distribution and High Voltage Electrical Cables.

  • Underwater Exploration

    Products used in Underwater Oil & Gas Exploration.

  • Mining Industries

    Glands has designed a unique range of cable glands specifically suited to the mining environment and accommodating all forms of cables used in Underground Locations and Surface Mining.

  • Cement Plant

    Cablegrip industries products like Cable Glands, Cable Lugs and Earthing Accessories are used for original equipment and replacement applications in industries such as Cement Plants.

  • Iron & Steel Industries

    Cablegrip Cable Glands used on all types of Electrical Power, Control, Instrumentation and Iron & Steel Industry cables.

  • Chemical Industries

    Cablegrip Industries to be certified to the high quality standard and therefore can be used without risk in the Chemical Industries and in clean room technology applications.

  • Fertilizer Industries

    The Cable Glands are extensively used in various end user industries like Fertilizer Industries for continuous connection to the system.

  • Sugar Industries

    Our range of Cable Glands is known for excellent performance and is widely used for meeting a number of safe and hazardous industrial applications.

  • Satellite & Communication Industries

    Cablegrip is our prevailing to introduce ourselves as one of the largest Manufacturers & Exporters of a comprehensive range of high-end Cable Glands widely used in various industries.

  • Areonautic Industries

    Our Cable Glands design makes them incredibly versatile, meaning that a suitable configuration can be obtained for any type of cable construction.

  • Automobile Industries

    Cablegrip are the manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of Cable Glands, which can be used in Automobile Industries.

  • Textile Industries

    Cablegrip also offer Brass Cables Glands, Cable Lugs and Earthing Accessories. Our range is widely used in Textile Industries.

  • Defence Industries

    Cablegrip manufactures finest quality cable glands and terminals that are designed to meet customer requirements.